What Is A Physician Assistant

When it comes to the questions, what is a physician assistant, the truth of the matter is that they are there to make the physician’s life easier, which the job offers one to earn a salary of over $90,000 per year doing so. The main type of description that the medical field providers for physician assistants include one that is a professional in the healthcare industry and practice medicine and other aspects of patient care under the supervision of a physician as well as cohesively with their medical team. Now there is much more that consists to answering the questions what is a physician assistant referring to the job description, which some of the physician assistant job duties consist of:

  • Diagnosing and providing treatment for both injuries as well as sickness, that range from minor all the way up to major illnesses and diseases. For injuries, often times what a physician assistant does is provider suturing, splints and casts that enable the patient to feel more comfort.
  • Advise patients on coping with the pain as well as traditional and alternative treatments and therapy.
  • Perform physical examinations which can be for the first time or ones that are to measure progress in patient or lack thereof.
  • Ordering and interpreting lab tests to the patients, which can also consists of X-rays. CAT scans among others.
  • Assist during the time of surgery if one has obtained a job in a specialty that requires the physician to perform surgery.
  • PA’s are aloud to provide prescriptions in states that have rules and regulations that allow them to do so, which about 80 percent of states allow it.
  • In more rural areas,  the physician assistant job description also includes often acting as the sole caregiver when the physician has to leave and tend to business at other facilities, which communication is vital between the PA and the physician through the phone as well as email which offers a communication line to the physician assistant who can advise the PA when they have questions are need general help.
  • Staff supervision as well as ordering supplies for the medical facility can often include one of the job duties when it comes to what a physician does.

Altimately, the scope of the extent of the practice that a physician assistant can carry out is dependant on what your state allows you to do as well as what is needed out of you which can vary depending on the location and faciltity that you are working in.

What Is A Physician Assistant – Specialties

It should also be known that when delving into the topic of what is a physician assistant, there are a myriad of different physician assistant specialties, all of which range in more specific job description, which some of these specialties are; surgical, addiction medicine, dermatology, epidemiology, occupational medicine, pediatrics, primary care, emergency medicine, cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, family medicine among others.

How To Attain A Physician Assistant Job

Students whom attain their physician assistant degree through a physician assistant program that is offered a PA program that is accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) will be able to enter into the highly demanded physician assistant field and have the credentials needed to enjoy a flourishing career. The fact of the matter is, the physician assistant profession offers great job stability to those who have the needed credentials, in which the profession is projected to explode over the next decade even more than it is right now, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics as well as the fact that the physician assistant job description allows one to do about 80 percent of what a physician assistantTo learn about accredited programs in your state, you can visit the following link where offers a list of all the accredited programs in the US: What Is A Physician Assistant.