What Is The Nurse Practitioner Salary?

You can start earning money as a nurse practitioner in as little as 6 years, but you can earn as you learn as the process to becoming a nurse practitioner involves being a registered nurse somewhere along the way. So after you start working as a RN, you can either go and get your Bachelors Degree in Nursing if you just completed you associates degree, which if you have already completed your bachelors degree then you have the credentials to enroll in a nurse practitioner program where you can learn a specialty in nursing and become a nurse practitioner where they pay is much higher than what regular RN’s earn.

To give you a general feel for what the nurse practitioner salary is, well it is usually a minimum of $20,000 a year more than the average RN salary where you are working. So say that RN’s in your area earn $65,000 a year on average, well the nurse practitioners then are earning at least $85,000 a year if not much more as for numbers sake the average NP salary is between $$80,000 and $106,000. Now like we said above, you will be learning a nursing speciality during your nurse practitioner studies, which depending on which specialty you study, your yearly salary can be double the numbers above, as for example the highest earning nurse practitioner yearly salary as far as specialties go belongs to those practicing anesthesia which are known as anesthetist earn on average over $150,000 a year, which is comparable to many doctors salaries, which the doctor had to attend school for many years longer.

Now these are general numbers which the average nurse practitioner salary in your area can be affected by all the factors that affect any other profession, which can be things like:

  1. Making a higher income if you work in a metropolitan area
  2. Working in office or place where it is busier than the average.
  3. The demand for your specialty as it can be demanded more in one state or city and less in another.
  4. How big your practice is if you opt to grow your own practice which nurse practitioners are enabled to do so.
  5. Lastly, your overall experience and where you obtained your credentials factors into what you will be getting paid as a nurse practitioner.

But all in all the great thing about being a nurse practitioner is the fact that it is one of the most secure professions, where people are always needed their services, making the nurse practitioner salary a rock solid stable financial source for those who do what they need to do to hold a job as an NP. You can also earn a living in various different areas of the nursing field as there are a large number of specialties that you can study, a few of which include; pediatrics, midwifery, family nurse practice, psychiatry, clinical care, neonatal and more, which the main thing to do is to find a specialty that you are most interested in and find a school that offers it as programs usually offer a couple of different specialties, not all of them.