Physician Assistant Specialties – A List Specialties

The Physician Assistant Specialties

Physician Assistant Specialties

PA’s both diagnose as well as provide treatment in many different specialties, being that there are 20 difference specialties. If you are looking on becoming a physician assistant or a already one and looking for a particular specialty that you would enjoy going into, then we have what you need. Below we have gathered together a list of many of the different physician assistant specialties as well as provide an in depth description of each of them, so that you will be able to get a feel for which one of the PA specialties you want to make a career out of.

Physician Assistant Specialties

Some Of That Major Specialties

  • Dermatology – This physician assistant specialty deals with some of the following; recording medical information, obtain information on patients physical condition by examination, ordering tests like x-rays and laboratory tests as well as electrocardiograms, therapeutic procedure performances like wound care and immunizations as well as prescribing medications and therapies, checking in on patients during rounds, describe the results of tests and where they stray from normal results, assisting the physician during surgeries and other procedures, ordering medical equipment and supplies, and counseling patients on things like maintaining good health and dealing with problems that they will encounter during their daily life as well as how their condition will continue to develop and any other aspect of dealing with their condition which can including instructing families on how to care for them.
  • Anesthesiology – Anesthesiology is one of the highest paid specialties in the physician assistant field, which the job description includes; administering anesthesia, the management of respiratory care like ventilators as well as before and after anesthetic care, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, helping the anesthesiologist in different research projects, compiling before-operation data, monitoring a myriad of different acute care aspects like central venous pressure as well ECG arterial pressure directly along with multiple different vitals as, and  and will provide instruction to others in subjects dealing with subjects above.
  • Addiction Medicine – Addiction medicine is another option when looking for physician assistant specialties which has a job description that consist of; the treatment of patients with drug related addictions, the identification of different drug addictions as well as guiding patients treatments and treatment plans consisting of preventative measures.
  • Occupational Medicine – Another one of the PA specialties related to medicine is occupational medicine which the job duties involve; diagnosing and treating different injuries and diseases as well as the prevention of injury and disease, performing and the interpretation of tests to patients, consistent monitoring of the condition of patients to see if current plans are offering progress as well as the re-evaluation of treatment plans if they are not offering value, the recording and maintaining of information on patients like past history and current medications as well as results on their examinations, and perform different tests designated to allow one to analyze diagnose a patients condition.
  • Pediatrics -  The pediatrics physician assistant specialty has job duties like; assessing the symptoms that a child is dealing with and prescribing the specific treatment which will include gathering records, order labs and x-rays, treating minor injuries, different exams like urine samples and blood tests along with radiology tests, forming different vaccination programs as well as programs that provide information on child health to parents, reading and interpreting the results of the labs ordered as well as well as communicating it to the parent and child, following up with patients on how treatment is working and explaining to parents about what is going on with their child.
  • Radiology – The radiology physician assistant specialty is one that offers a PA a job description that involves some of the following; perform procedures dealing with; vascular and veneous access procedures like venograms and areteriograms as well as permacath placements and declots, gastrostomies, arthograms, dynamic and static fluroscopic procedures, venous line placements, the evaluation of medical images as well as preliminary reports accompanied by the radiologist on staff, myelograms, IVC filter replacements and ordering as well as administering intravenous medicine.
  • Psychiatry – This specialty deals with;  gathering the psychiatric history of patients as well as perform psychological exams on certain patients which allow one to both assess as well as ultimately treat a patient, efficient practice of control methods that include safety as well as infection and environmental control, provide to families of patients with details and information as well as resources about mental health, maintaining patient records as well as keeping note of the positive aspects, or lack there of, of different treatment methods and procedures.
  • Oncology – Lastly on the list of different physician assistant specialties is oncology. This specialty consists of some of the following; conducting preliminary impatient rounds, schedules procedures, conducting both discharge plans as well as hospice referrals, management of patient problems on daily basis as well as attending to any problems that may arise, dictating summaries for discharge, therapeutic and diagnostic procedures that include parsentisis and thoracentisis as well as hepatic arterial infusion lines, gathering the test results of patients and giving them to on staff physicians.

All physician assistant subspecialties have their own unique set of duties and responsibilities. Regardless of the specialty type the physician assistant duties are a necessary part of the medical field which makes this career choice a great opportunity moving forward. With the growth of the medical industry combined with demand for these positions once could find opportunities in all of the specialties mentioned above.

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