The Physician Assistant Pay

When it comes to what PA’s get paid, a basic answer would be telling you that the median salary for the entire USA when it comes to physician assistant salaries is $89,878 with lowest percentiles earning an average of $74,538 to the highest percentile earning a median of $106,318. Although this is the median, this ballpark number can range from higher and lower from factors discussed below, as well as other aspects like bonuses which are shown to be given from anywhere to 496.66 – $16,312 per year as well as profit sharing which averages have been shown to be anywhere from $1,002 – $14,785. Not only do these physician assistant salary numbers contain income, they also come with great benefits like; 401K, medical insurance, dental & vision, health insurance, disability and the possibility to get 7K per year to use towards retirement.

Physician Assistant Salaries – Specialties

No that you know the median number for physician assistant salaries, there are multiple different specialties that PA’s can provide their work in, which below are discussed below, in which these salaries can range anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000 per year.

  • Anesthesiology – Anesthesiology physician assistants mainly focus on care for patients who have undergone surgery through pain relief methods.
  • Dermatology – Treatment of diseases as well as skin and body conditions.
  • Surgical – Assisting a physician during surgeries.
  • Pediatrics – Diagnosing and treating illnesses in children.
  • Medicine – This specialty can range from emergency medicine, addiction medicine as well as occupational medicine among others and has a job description that consists of prescribing medication that will assist in helping patients with disorders that can be physical or mental among others that can be for short term and long term use.
  • Oncology

These are many of the major specialties that are found in the physician assistant profession. Studies have shown though that the highest paid physician assistant specialties are in; surgical and anesthesiology as well as dermatology specialties.

Inhibiting Factors of Physician Assistant Salary

Just like with any other profession there are certain aspects that can factor into physician assistant salaries. Here are a few examples of what may affect the what PA’s get paid.

  • Where You Work – This includes two main factors that help determine the salaries of a physician assistants which are the more stressful the work environment, like a surgical PA, the higher the pay is going to be, as well as how busy the facility is.
  • Where You Live – Geography plays a pretty big part the physician assistant salary, for example, the main geography factor is; salary going up or down for cost of living.
  • Experience – As you attain more experience through years of work as well as any other higher education and/or courses, you will be viewed as a more valuable asset which will result in a pay increase.
  • Specialties – Like stated above, specialties are huge determining factors in what you get paid. This holds true even more so when you consider that certain specialties are in higher demand and enable one to start negotiating what they will be getting paid each year.
(Salary numbers are based off the projections coming from among other reputable salary prediction sites)