Physician Assistant Resume

If you are looking to obtain a job as a PA an awesome physician assistant resume is needed, one that can impress your employer no matter what you experience is! Below is sort of a physician assistant resume template as well as suggestions you can use to spice you your physician assistant job resume, enjoy!

Physician Assistant Resume Example

Your Name
Your Address
Your Phone Number (Home & Mobile)
Your Email

Job Objective/Purpose – (Should be short, 8 to 15 words) I intend on administering the knowledge I have attain in my schooling to make a difference in the field that I am passionate about.

(First Time Applicant Job Objective) – I am looking to grow as a physician assistant well passed what I have learned in my schooling by administering the best care possible and learning on the job day in and day out.

Education & Certification – This is the portion of your physician assistant resume where you will want to list the school you attended, what certification status the PA program held, which should be Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) as this is the accreditation status needed to take the competency evaluation. You will also want to include your teacher’s name as well as the degree that you attained, along with where you completed your clinical training. You can also include the address and phone number of the school. This portion can also include other education that you have obtain, per say the continuing education hours that you have taken if you have been working as a physician assistant, or any other training that you did outside of your physician assistant degree program.

Experience/Job Accomplishments – This part of your physician assistant resume should include all of your past employers, with the start date and the finish date, their contact information along with the title you held and job description. Now when it comes to the job description a great way to make it pop is to add the word “job accomplishments” as it sounds much more fresh than “job description”. This can also be a great spot to include testimonials from patients as well as physician assistants that you worked with when you did your clinical training.

(No Experience) – If you have yet to work a job as a physician assistant, you can still fill in information in this portion of your physician assistant resume, which you can write about your training that you did in your clinical training. Another great option to consider that can add some meat to this portion of the physician assistant resume is to go out and get some experience, which it doesn’t have to be a lot, but it can show the employer that you were staying up on your skills ever since graduating the physician assistant program. You can offer your service as non-profit employment, which can make it easy to get work as they don’t pay but it will give you on the job experience.

(Employment Gaps) – Now its always awkward when you have a gap in your application, but no worries as we have a solution! Just explaining what you were doing during that time can add a sense of honesty to your resume. Also if you were working a job unrelated to the physician assistant profession, then you can add that as well as skills you learned on the job that can help make you a better physician assistant when hired.

References – Should include 3 to 5 references that can come from personal as well as professional sources, attached with the easiest number they can be reached at.

(No Professional References) – If you haven’t really building up a database of professional references, the best thing to do would be to put your physician assistant program teachers name and contact information, as he/she is an RN or LPN who actually is a professional reference. You can also include the physician that you worked with during your clinical on your PA resume.

Achievements – This part of your physician assistant application can include any rewards or achievements you received during your time in becoming a PA as well as on the job. You could also dedicate a section for personal achievements if you don’t think that it is going overboard.

Additional Skills/Extra – This is where you will want to include all your skills and abilities, which aren’t really related to the actually physician assistant profession but can help on the job, that you can bring to the work place like; computer knowledge, leadership skills, physically fit, etc.