Physician Assistant Programs In Texas

If you are looking for physician assistant programs in Texas, you are in luck as the state offers 7 different accredited programs that upon completion will set you up to earn somewhere in the ballpark of the median texas PA salary which is currently at $74,000 dollars according to Depending on what you choose to specialize in, this median can just be a starting point for what you can earn annually, for example, the average salary for neurosurgery physician assistants is at $101,000 per year and the Texas patient team manager salary median resides at $125,000. So by completing one of the physician assistant programs in Texas, you will graduate with your Masters Degree as well as combine your passion for helping people with a great career salary. As far as the accredited schools go, below we have gathered a list so you can get an overview of all the Texas PA programs.

Accredited PA Schools In Texas

The following physician assistant programs in Texas are all accredited by Accreditation Review Commission which has designated these programs as ARC-PA. This title is a must if you want to become a practicing physician assistant in your state as completion of an accredited program is one of the main requirements when it comes to taking your Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE). Here are your options for PA programs in Texas.

Baylor College Of Medicine PA Program

Texas Tech PA Program

South Western PA Program

North Texas PA Program

Baylor College Of Medicine PA Program

San Antonio PA Program

Galveston PA Program

University of Texas-Pan American PA Program

Job Outlook For PA’s In Texas

Now that you know what there is to offer as far as physician assistant programs in Texas go, you may be asking yourself if the job will be a stable and continue to be in demand, well to answer your question, according to the Bureau Labor Statistics in their section where they detail the PA profession, the job outlook is discussed in detail. The job outlook is very positive for the career in general because of multiple factors which are discussed below, and they state that the PA profession is expected to have an increase in the employment at a rate of 39% over the 10-year span between the years 2008 through 2012. The factors that they base these numbers off of have to do with some of the following:

  • Healthcare industry expansion.
  • Physician assistants be considered cost effective to healthcare settings when it comes to hiring staff, which has to do with the fact that a PA can relieve the main physician on staff when they are busy, enabling the physician to get much more done.
  • Increase in PA job openings will happen especially in rural and as well as inner cities due to the fact that these areas are experiencing a tough time finding physicians to hire.
  • Like other industries, over this 10-year timeframe, it is expected that a certain amount of PA’s will either retire or move on to another profession.