Physician Assistant Programs In Ohio

As far as physician assistant programs in Ohio go, there are 5 to speak of that are accredited programs that allow graduates to go on to have a flourishing career. These Ohio PA programs offer the best and most up to date training you can find that once learned, will make you an extremely valuable asset in the workplace and enable you to work anywhere in the state. As you may know, different programs have different standards when it comes to the requirements they demand in order for acceptance, so below are all the options when it comes to physician assistant programs in Ohio as well as the specific requirements for each.

The List of Physician Assistant Programs In The State

Marrietta College Physician Assistant Studies – First out of the physician assistant programs in Ohio, is the Marietta College PA program. A Bachelors Degree from an accredited university, official GRE test scores although there are no requirements for scores, You must also attain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 when it comes to their required prerequisite courses which consist of; General Chemistry I & II as well as Labs for both, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Microbiology containing a Lab, Human Anatomy and Human Physiology, Introduction to Psychology, Statistics and Abnormal Psychology.

University Of Toledo Physician Assistant Program – Note, if you are reading this in the timeframe of 2011 – 2015, this program is awarding to 5 different students the total of 45,000 to use towards their studies. The requirements that one must meet at this physician assistant program in Ohio are; a Bachelors Degree that was completed with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, completion of all the requirements for admission to CASPA, completing both the “UT PA Prerequisite Form” as well as the “UT Supplemental Application” by no later than October 1st and must also need to comply with their “technical standards for admission. Prerequisite courses for this Ohio physician assistant program must all be completed with B- grade or better, these courses consist of; Psychology, Any Higher Mathematics Course, Medical Terminology, Organic or Biochemistry along with a Lab, Microbiology and a Lab, Inorganic or General Chemistry along with a Lab, as well as Human Anatomy & Physiology.

Findlay Physician Assistant Program  – The Findlay Physician-PA Program provides another viable option to consider when looking for physician programs in Ohio and awards a Master Degree as well to all the graduating students. Requirements that are needed for acceptance are as follows; a Bachelors Degree that was completed with a 3.0 GPA or higher, a minimum of 500 hours of hands-on clinical experience, submission of the supporting documents to CASPA as well as the Supplemental PA Program application, meet certain technical standards, certain immunizations and proof of healthcare insurance as well as a background check before classes start. Also, completion of prerequisites where you received a grade of at least a C, which the courses include; Sociology, a Higher Mathematics Course, Human Anatomy & Physiology I and II both with a Lab, Medical Terminology, General Psychology, Basic Bio and Organic Chemistry that comes with a Lab, Human Genetics which they recommend a Lab, Microbiology consisting of a Lab, General Chemistry I  & II as well as Labs for both.

Kettering College Physician Assistant Studies – Next on the list of accredited physician assistant programs in Ohio is Kettering Colleges PA program. In order to be accepted into their program applicants must meet requirements that include; must be current in your CPR certification, a criminal background check which should come back clean for the best chances of acceptance, submission of your application to CASPA by October 1st, 3 letters or recommendation, at least 1000 hours of hands-on experience and demonstration of strong oral and written communication skills. Students must also meet technical standards that include; observation, intellectual abilities, behavior, communication and motor abilities. A Bachelors Degree is also required with prerequisites that must be completed with a 3.0, which courses include; General and Organic Chemistry, Microbiology and Biology, Biochemistry as well as Human Anatomy & Physiology.

Cuyahoga Community College PA Program – The last option you can use when looking for physician assistant programs in Ohio is Cuyahoga’s PA program and lasts 27 months. In order to use this school for your training, students need to meet the following criteria; official GRE test scores, a Bachelors Degree from an accredited school, completion of a mandatory drug screen, shadowing a certified physician assistant for the total of 40 hours or more, and although it is not required they state that the prefer some hands on experience to better your chances for acceptance. Prerequisites for acceptance include; English, Chemisty, Mathematics and Psychology that need to completed with a C or better. Also they state that the GPA requirements need to meet the “minimum overall cumulative GPA” with a 3.0 in Science as well as Math.