Physician Assistant Schools In North Carolina

If you happen to be an aspiring PA, there are many great as well as accredited physician assistant programs in North Carolina that you can use to become certified and get started in the very respected as well as gratifying career. Below we have made a list of all the accredited physician assistant schools in North Carolina along with a bit of information on them and the requirements one must have in order to be accepted into these programs.

The List of PA Schools In The State

Wake Forest Physician Assistant Program – First on our list of physician assistant programs in North Carolina is the PA program at Wake Forest that implements a style of learning called Clinical Problem-Based Learning (CPBL) and lasts a total of 24 months of full-time learning, and at the end a Masters Degree in Medical Science is awarded. Class sizes are capped at 64 students and require the following out of their applicants; a Bachelors Degree awarded from an accredited college, at least two letters of recommendation, GRE official test scores that were taken within the past 5 years, at least, 1000 hours of hands-on medical experience, along with certain skills and attitude as well as technical skill and requirements, Prerequisites that the course requires include; Upper Level Biology, General Chemistry, either Organic or Biochemistry, Microbiology, Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Terminology and Statistics that are all to be completed with a C average or better.

East Carolina University Physician Assistant Studies – East Carolina University also offers another great option when looking for physician assistant programs in East Carolina and holds an astounding 100% pass rate of their students over the last 3 years. Prerequisite courses for admission include; Genetics, Human Anatomy & Physiology that must include a Lab, Microbiology, General Chemistry, Statistics, Medical Terminology and Introductory Psychology all of which must be completed by the September 1st of when you intend on entering the program. Other admission requirements include; passing the GRE Test, certain immunizations, passing a criminal background check, completion of a basic life support course, and the ability to meet designated personal standards that deal with technical and communication skills as well as critical thinking and interpersonal abilities along with hearing and tactile abilities. Classes cap at 35 students which must be from one of 5 different states and no others, which the states are North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and Tennessee.

Methodist College Physician Assistant Program – Located in Fayetteville and offering a 27-month course which awards a Masters Degree, the Methodist College PA program offers another great choice for residents looking for physician assistant programs in North Carolina. Requirements for this program include; a Bachelors Degree from an accredited college or university, 6 years or new GRE Test scores which are recommended to be above 1050 for Verbal and Quantitative, 3.0 overall recommended GPA with an average of 3.2 in prerequisite courses, no advanced placement, proof of no felonies or drug abuse, at leat 500 hours of hands-on experience, and must have no dismissals and other medical programs. Prerequisite courses for acceptance include; Medical Terminology, Math, Psychology, Chemistry and Biology.

Duke University Physician Assistant Program – Last on our list of physician assistant programs in North Carolina is the accredited Duke University PA program dedicated to molding students into highly qualified professionals. The requirements for admission with this program are; a Bachelors Degree from an accredited campus or if applicants are seniors they may also apply, prerequisite courses that must include a minimum of 5 Biological Science courses that need to include one in Anatomy and Microbiology as well as Physiology, at least 1000 hours of clinical hands-on training which needs to be completed no later than October 1st and GRE Test official scores. This NC physician assistant program also hold the title of being the best PA school out of them all by US News.