Before we get into the physician assistant programs in California, it is always a big question on how much one will be getting paid in their profession, which by all means make great sense. Being that all states have different salaries, the average PA salary in the California is $84,000 per year, but can be inhibited by factors such as living expenses as well as the work setting that you work in, the amount of training and experience you have, the stress level as well as the traffic amount that is coming through the healthcare setting each day, and especially what the specific physician assistant specialty. To give you a feel for the earning potential in California, median salaries range from up to $120,000 per year for a Correction Facility PA and $140,000 for a Patient Team Manager PA. These number again are just the average and can go up as the demand increases for the service of physician assistants.

The 10 Accredited Physician Assistant Programs In California

As far as PA  programs in California go, there are many to speak of that are accredited and will enable you to complete your training in a timeframe which ranges from 24 to 36 months, in which time you will be awarded with your Masters Degree in Physician Assistant Studies. With the PA-C certification that is granted from these programs, you will be able to work anywhere within the sunny state of California. Here are the options you can consider when looking for physician assistant schools in California which are all the current accredited options in the state:

BWestern University of Health Sciences PA Program

San Joaquin Valley College Physician Assistant Program

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science PA Program

USC Keck School of Medicine PA Program

Standford University School Of Medicine Physician Assistant Program

Loma Linda Masters PA Program

BUC Davis Physician Assistant Program

Touro University College of Health Sciences PA Program

Samuel Merritt Physician Assistant Progam

Riverside Community College Physician Assistant Program

Where PA’s Work

When you are done completing one of these physician assistant programs in California, you will be able to work in multiple different places that hire physician assistants, which there are around 85,000 employed PA’s. Some of the main places that you will be able to find PA work is in are below as well as the salary averages that were specified in 2008 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Physician Assistants Offices – Where over half of all employed PA’s hold a job, and has a average salary of $84,550
  • Hospitals – Where about 20,000 work, which the the work setting salary average is $84,390
  • Outpatient Centers – Around 6,000 individuals work in outpatient centers where the median salary is $80,440.
  • Federal – Around 2000 PA’s are employed in “Federal Executive Branch” where the average salary is $78,200
  • Colleges & Universities – Also around 2000, with a median salary that is $74,200
  • Private Practices- This is another option, but numbers employment numbers are very small.
(Income references were taken from as well as the physician assistant page from the Bureau of Labor Statistics)