Physician Assistant Job

When it comes to getting a physician assistant job, there are plenty of openings which the number is just going to keep growing according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics so those who are looking to attain the credentials needed for employment are the smart ones and are on the right track to steady and secure employment. Physician assistant jobs can earn one a salary of anywhere from $75,000 to $100,000 a year as well as come with a variety of benefits as well. The physician assistant job really consists of a rewarding career on a short term as well as a long-term basis, that can leave one proud of what they do every day. Below is the job description of a PA as well as how to obtain a PA job.

Physician Assistant Job Description

When it comes to the duties that a PA carries out every day, the main focus of the practice is assisting the working physician in which they are able to carry out anywhere from 70 to 80 percent of the job tasks that the actual physician can do, allowing the scope of practice to be almost as wide without having to spend a decade or more in medical school and internships like physicians have to. As far as the actual tasks, below is a list of some of the major aspects that encompass the physician assistant job description:

  • Provide diagnosis.
  • Analyzation of reports and labs, and interpreting them to their patients.
  • Take down patient history and examine patients.
  • Prescribing medicine is also aloud in many states.
  • Aid the physician during surgeries.
  • Pose as the main care provider in rural areas where the physician has to often leave the premises, which requires the PA to be in contact with the physician by phone or email.

Now the altimate scope of practice is dictated by things like; where you work, your states requirements and regulations, what type of facility you work in as well as your specialty if you choose to specialize, which some of the physician assistant specialities include; pediatrics, dermatology, family medicine, addiction medicine, oncology, surgery among others, which physician assistant specialty jobs can be filled by those who have completed a residency in a choosen specialty which last a a year and consist of full-time study. The PA can also expect to be on their feet a lot as well as work obscure hours sometimes tha can consist of weekends and holidays as well as late nights as well as the ability to cope with mental and physical stress.

Physician Assistant Job Qualifications

To attain a job as a physician assistant, you need to have a certain handful of credentials, which the main ones include doing your training through an accredited physician assistant program in which there are just short of 160 of these PA degree programs around the country, which degrees offered are either a Bachelors or a Masters, both of which will give you what is needed to fill physician assistant job positions but it is said that most of the physician assistants working today hold their Masters Degree in Physician Assistant Studies. The other main credential is passing the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE) which is administered by the National Commission on Certification for Physician Assistants (NCCPA) and is your states certification test that is a 600 question exam in which you can only take it after you have graduated from an accredited PA degree program. The third and final credential that is needed to fill a physician assistant job position is simply being licensed by your state to practice as a physician assistant, which you can apply for licensure as soon as you have obtained the first two credentials above.