Physician Assistant Interview Questions

Now when it comes to the physician assistant interview questions they really want to see if you will make a good fit for both the physician assistant school and are going to be a value addition to the physician assistant profession from the day you get your entry level job to as far as your career takes you.  The interview is where you are going to need to sell yourself well past what your test scores and education have portrayed. This is where you want to portray all of your attributes that you have that will allow you to experience success as a physician assistant in their facility, things like; composure, compassion, maturity, good communication, confidence, trustworthy and more. Probably the most important out of all these attributes that you want to portray during your physician assistant interview questions is your communication skills as these are vital to you building a bridge between coming off as a medical professional to building a trusting relationship with your patients as well as other medical professionals, which this includes both verbal as well as non-verbal communication. They interviewer will really want to see if you can communicate on various fronts like your thought process, judgment, ideas as well as your emotions.

7 Physician Assistant Interview Questions

Q: What is the general job description of a physician assistant?

This the knowledge that you speak off of needs to come from experience that you gained during any clinical hands-on training you may have gained as well as your overall knowledge of the profession that you have picked up from various sources.

Q: What was the most stressful situation you have ever encountered and how did you handle it?

This question is essentially for the purpose of examining how you dealt with one of your most intense life situation to verity if you will be able to react to emergency and serious situations both during your training as well as on the job and be able to hand them successfully, basically looking for you to answer that you didn’t freeze or panic.

Q: Why do you want to enter the physician assistant profession?

Usually, these physician assistant interview questions will be followed up with another question, where the interviewer asks why you choose to become a physician assistant versus becoming a nurse practitioner.

Q: Have you sent in applications to other physician assistant programs?

This is where they are looking for a truthful answer, which if you have applied to other programs just let them know that you have and you have done so because you are passionate about the profession and want to give yourself the best chance possible for getting into an accredited program that will enable you to begin your career in the field that you are passionate about.

Q: Are you committed to completing the entire training program?

Due to the fact that the average PA program is over 2 years long, they want you to portray that you are in it for the long haul and aren’t going to back out. This is where you will want to over emphasize your commitment to becoming a PA no matter what it takes.

Q: What problems do you think the healthcare field is experiencing and facing?

To answer these type of physician assistant interview questions correctly best of the ability, it is essential that you stay knowledgeable about the healthcare field, which can include reading books, journals as well as online forums.

Q: How has your previous schooling and training prepared you for excelling in both the program as well as when you enter the profession?

This question is asked due to the fact that you have already completed at least your associates degree if not your bachelors. When the interview asks physician assistant questions like this, they are looking for you to describe how you balanced your schedule which allowed you to do experience success in all aspects of what you were managing, like your schooling, work, personal life among other things.

Now these are examples of physician assistant interview questions that often times come up during physician assistant school interviews, but to give you the best chances to answering questions correctly do your best to talk to a working PA today and asked them what types of questions they were asked and how they answered them as they have already been were you are trying to go.

Other Tips For Acing Your Physician Assistant Interview Questions

  • Find out if you one person will be asking you your physician assistant interview questions or a panel or people.
  • Dress professionally.
  • Videotape or record yourself so you can pick out your mistakes and fix them.
  • Eat before you go into your physician assistant interview.
  • Be enthusiastic.
  • After your physician assistant interview questions have been asked, be sure to get your interviewer’s business card and send them a thank you note as soon as you get home.