Nurse Practitioner Programs

Those who attend nurse practitioner programs are usually nurses that choose to go back to school and attain graduate level degrees, although they can be an individual who has received a non-nursing Bachelors Degree. For those nurses who have done their Bachelors Degree In Nursing, they often become either bored with what they are allowed to or just want to advance their knowledge in the field that will allow them to do more and even own their own practice. Nurse practitioner schools allow one to specialize in a host of different areas, which programs offer anywhere from 2 to 8 or more, allowing them to pick on that they want to go into after their studies are completed.

Some of the specializations that one can choose from out of nurse practitioner programs include; administration, nurse wifery, mental health, women’s health, health informatics, neotational nurse, pediatrics and family nurse. Schools are offered both online as well as on campuses throughout the country and offer students the chance to get either their Masters of Science in Nursing or their Doctorate of Nursing Practice.

Accredited Nurse Practitioner Programs

The first thing to keep in mind when looking for nurse practitioner programs is to find schools that it is state approved and accredited by one of the accrediting agencies needed for you to take your states competency evaluation once you graduate. Some of the best credentialing statuses that you should look for are ones that have been accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) which will prepare you for success when taking your certification exam which are given out either by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners or the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Picking The Best Nurse Practitioner Program For You

As far as the best NP programs go, the top nurse practitioner schools are; the University of Cincinnati, University of Washington and Baylor University. But just because they are the “top” programs doesn’t mean they will be the best for you. When searching for the right NP school for you, besides accreditation it is suggested that you:

  • Check out a class – Going and sitting in at the school that you may want to attend a is a great way to become familiar with the surrounds and better yet what the teacher is like and how they teach the curriculum to students. Doing this at a couple schools can help you sift through which nurse practitioner program you feel that you would do the best in.
  • Reputation – Now you can find out what kind of reputation the nurse practitioner school has by doing a couple of things, those being; talking to students that are attending the program, checking online pages dedicated to talking about the particular school.
  • Check the Test Scores – What kind of success have past students experienced when taking the NP exam? Finding the school with the best test scores means that you will have better chances of doing the best possible on your exam.

Once you graduate from one of the accredited nurse practitioner programs, you will be allowed to do a wider variety of tasks and duties like prescribing medication, performing patient exams, diagnosing patients and creating treatment plans, ordering lab tests as well as being able to see patients without doctor supervision. Ultimately though, the scope of an NP’s practice is dictated by the regulations that are set up by the state in which they live in.