A nurse practitioner (NP) who is often mistaken as well as well as compared to a physician assistant is actually an RN with a lot more experience than the traditional RN, when it comes to school experience as they return to school after attaining their first degree. The other main difference of a physician assistant vs a nurse practitioner is the fact that a nurse practitioner can own their own practice, allowing them to grow their business and income as large as they please. A nurse practitioner has obtained above and beyond credentials that equate to either a Masters of Science in Nursing or even a Doctorate of Nursing Practice, allowing them to become a NP and carry out the nurse practitioner job description. Having this training allows them to be well versed in much more complex medical conditions as well as knowing how to create a treament plan and can even stand in for the doctor at times.

This is a basic view of what the nurse practitioner job description consists of as well as how you become one. Now when it comes to how they differ from doctors, well the NP has a whole different mindset to treating, both from the start as well as long term. Now even though the nurse practitioner job description includes being able to perscribe medication, they are more proactive in their approach, providing more alternative treatments that are geared towards the individuals, resulting ongoing treatments, making patients feel like an individual and not just another number. Now when it comes to specific daily job tasks that an NP carries out everyday, some of the major tasks consist of:

  • Providing patients with referrals for physical therapy and rehabilitation.
  • Some types of prenatal care in which the NP will provide examinations to patients for their child that screens for certain diseases.
  • Taking down the medical history of a patient as well as performing physicial examinations.
  • Recomending as well as booking yearly checkups for patients.
  • Educating the care givers of their patients advising them on how to carry out treatment when they are outside the office.
  • The managment of chronic diseases.
  • Ordering various disagnostic tests like CAT scans, EKG’s, MRI’s, X-Rays along with blood tests.

Steps To Becoming A Nurse Practitioner

If you are interested in carring out the nurse practitioner salary yourself, the best thing to do now would be to enroll in a nursing program which one usually completes an Associates of Science in Nursing then a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, which they can obtain the experience needed to be able to successfully apply to a nurse practitioner school. Whether you are going for your first nursing degree or when you are looking for schools to apply to that to become a nurse practitioner, the best thing to look for is whether they are accredited, which you will need to find a school that is accredited by the National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission, which can be found at campuses all over the US as well as through online degree providers.