Are You Looking For a Medical Assistant Job Description?

If you’re mulling over a career as a medical assistant, you may be interested in viewing a medical assistant job description. Learning what this type of health care professional does each day is really useful and it may move you closer to a smart decision about your future career.

To help you learn everything that you need to know, we’re going to describe the job duties of a medical assistant today. We’ll also include a lot of other helpful information, such as how much this job typically pays, what career prospects are like right now and how to get the training that you will need in order to find employment in this niche of health care.

Our goal is to empower you by giving you access to a lot of vital facts in one convenient place.

Medical Assistant Job Description

A medical assistant will take care of administrative duties and also handle particular clinical tasks. All work will be performed under the supervision of a doctor or doctors. In terms of administrative tasks, a medical assistant will book appointments, keep medical records up-to-date, bill patients and perform coding which is utilized in order to bill insurance firms.

In terms of clinical tasks, a medical assistant may take and record the vital signs of patients and write down their medical histories. As well, this type of health care professional may prepare patients for their exams, take blood and give medications. People who choose this line of work should believe in the health care system and have sufficient people skills to take care of patients in a professional and caring manner. As well, they should be very organized and detail-oriented. Giving medications and doing administrative work, such as coding, requires skill and focus. In fact, all duties of a medical assistant will require painstaking attention to detail.

Those with math and science ability and computer skills will have an edge in this type of career. Any prior health care training and/or work experience will also be beneficial. Now that we’ve covered the basic job description, let’s talk about how much money medical assistants typically get paid.

How Much Does This Job Pay?

In the United States, medical assistants usually earn an average of $13.64 per hour. This equates to about 28k per year. Some medical assistants will earn less and some will earn more. How much a medical assistant gets paid depends on certain variables, such as education, experience and which employer has hired the person. In terms of job prospects, Baby Boomers are getting older and needing more health care, so demand for these jobs may rise in the future. Right now, there are unemployed medical assistants and it’s important to be aware of this. The key to boosting your chances of getting a job is successfully completing a training course which is accredited and then getting certified as a Medical Assistant.

What Training Will Be Required?

It’s very important to get the right training for this career. It’s best to choose a medical assistant program which is accredited via the industry’s governing body, which is known as the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

After successfully completing this type of Medical Assistant Training Program, you’ll have the option of getting certified in your field. Doing so may help you to find employment later on.

This test is called the CMA (AAMA) and it’s administered via the AAMA Certifying Board, as well as The National Board of Medical Examiners. It may be taken at various intervals each year, in a series of locations across the USA. If you pass the test and earn the certification, you’ll need to re-certify every sixty months.

Where to Get Hired

Local health care clinics hire medical assistants, as do private doctor’s offices and hospitals. Anyplace where doctors work will be a good place to look for employment. Before you apply, make sure to have all paperwork from your training course (diploma, transcripts) and your certification (if you earned one) at the ready. Then, polish your resume until it shines and also create a personalized cover letter for each job that you apply for.

It may also be wise to visit health care facilities in person and inquire about opportunities. However, these days, most jobs are posted online right away. Hopefully, this comprehensive guide has given you the inside scoop on what a Medical Assistant does and what’s involved with becoming one.