Online physician assistant programs are designed to give students the skills and training that they need in order to become employed as physician assistants. If you’re interested in this line of work and you like the idea of studying remotely, you’ll enjoy our comprehensive guide.

We’re here to share an array of helpful facts about these types of Web-based learning courses. Once you’ve gotten the inside scoop on online physician assistant programs, you’ll be one step closer to deciding whether or not they are right for you.

A physician assistant may also be referred to as a PA and this type of health care professional works alongside doctors in order to administer healthcare. Under direction of a doctor, a PA will record histories, do physical exams, schedule tests, interpret results of tests, perform diagnoses and treat health issues. He or she may also provide preventative health care advice to patients. Sometimes, physician assistants help during operations.

Salary expectations for this career range from 90k to 100k, depending on employer and experience.

This is a challenging, yet fulfilling career which offers the opportunity for job stability and a great salary. This position will be best for those who have ability in math and science, analytical minds, strong work ethics and superior “people skills”.

What Are Online Physician Assistant Programs?

Online physician assistant programs allow students to learn everything that they need to know via their home computers or other electronic hardware. They are in contrast to classroom-based training programs or programs which combine remote learning and classroom work.

Online programs of this type abound and the best are accredited via governing bodies. If you’re searching around, looking for the right program, it’s smart to focus the hunt on accredited courses. They are the cream of the crop and you’ll access the best education and career opportunities.

Since Baby Boomers are getting older and need many health care services, this career niche is becoming a popular choice for many students. Career growth is indicated in this area of health care and this is why so many students are pursuing training as Physician Assistants.

What Do Students Study?

Proper training is vital and students who sign on for accredited online physician assistant programs typically already have earned their Bachelor’s Degrees in health or science. During their online programs, they’ll move towards Master’s Degrees, which will be awarded upon successful completion of the programs.

During training, they will hone their diagnostic skills by learning how to spot and treat an array of health problems, from common colds to potentially-fatal diseases. Courses in clinical medicine, pharmacology, anatomy, microbiology, physiology and physical diagnosis will need to be completed.
Students in these programs will eventually need to pass the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination, which is also known as PANCE. This test is overseen by an industry governing body known as the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants. All training in the course is centered on giving students the knowledge and skills to pass this course and get employed.

Courses usually last at least twenty-four months. This is the typical time frame for most Master’s Degree education.

Check Rules for Your State

If you don’t choose an accredited program, you are taking a risk. Most states insist that students graduate from accredited programs which qualify them to take the PANCE national exam. So, be very careful about where you wish to pursue this form of post-secondary education.

It’s best to check specific rules for your state (or province, if you’re in Canada). Knowing the facts will help you to create the right career pathway, right from the very start. Requirements for this job position will vary from country to country. Our article is based on American rules and regulations.

Pace University offers this type of course, as do other respected American universities and colleges. Once you’ve thought about where you want to study, be sure to shop around and see what you can find. As long as you focus on accredited schools, you should be able to select a program with a great reputation. Prices of these programs will vary, usually based on a university or college’s rankings.

Hopefully, this detailed guide has given you the hard facts that you need, so that you’ll able to make wise decisions about your education and future career.