Physician Assistant Scholarships

Obtaining physician assistant scholarships can be done for all aspiring PA’s out there, which can offer you money that you can use towards your education without the obligation of paying it back ever. Below we delve into a host of methods that you can utilize when looking for physician assistant scholarhips.

How to Get Physician Assistant Scholarships

FAFSA – The most sured fired way of obtaining physician assistant scholarships if to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), as they offer a host of diffrent federal grant programs, one of them being the Pell Grant which can provide eligible applicants with up to $5660 per school year. It should be known that you can fill out a FAFSA as soon as the 1st of January on the year that you are wishing to obtain physician assistant grants. The FAFSA also deals with federal grant programs like the Stafford and Perkins which provide alternatives when grants and scholarships have not provided you with enough money to cover your whole tuition, which these loans are offered with low interest rates and great repayment options and do not base your eligibility off your credit score only your financial need.

Employer – If you are currently employed, you can check with your employer if they offer scholarships that you can use for your physician assistant education.

Non Profit & Military – If you are thinking about joining the military any time soon, you can get most of even all of your education paid for and even works as an army physician assistant which the job offers a great salary and benefits. As far as getting physician assistant scholarhips and grants through non profit organizations, a couple of great ones to research for this purpose are Peace Corps, Americorps as well as Volunteers In Service To America (VISTA). If you are unable to attain a physician assistant scholarship through this method, then remember these organizations when you are finished with your school as they offer loan forgiveness where you can have a large percentage of your student loan debt wiped away by offering your service.

Private & Federal Grant Programs – There are a myriad of different programs that you can use for your particular situation like being; a single mom, many ethnic races, fraternaties and sorrorities as well as age group among many others which can be searched for online, and can provide you with great physician assistant scholarhips that you can use to pay for your accredited training. This also includes those looking for scholarships for specific physician assistant specialties as there are ogranizations that offer funding for various different specialities like oncology, surgical, pediatrics, internal medicine and many more.

The Physician Assistant Foundation – This foundation is offered by the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) also known as the PA Foundation whom offer up to $2000 in grant money to a large number of students whom are entering into a PA program as well as already attending a physician assistant school, which you can learn more by visiting the AAPA site.

Through Schools – You can also inquire about physician assistant scholarships through the PA school that you are wishing to attend or attending right now.

Tylenol Scholarship Program – Tylenol has allocated a large amount of funds that are dedicated to being provided in the form of grants, where one can become eligible for up to $10,000.

National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program – This is another great program that you can utilize when looking for physician assistant scholarships as it is specifically for medical students and is offered for up to 4 years of schooling in which it covers not only some of most tuition costs but other related expenses.