In the USA, a physician assistant will make an average yearly salary of 96.5K. This is a great salary. However, this type of assistant has a lot of responsibility and needs to be very dedicated, caring and professional. As well, he or she will have to have the right credentials for the job.


Since salary expectations for this career are so positive, it is a career pathway which is well worth considering. Today, we’re going to talk more about salary for this position, detail what kind of job it is and discuss the types of credentials which are needed. We want to help you make smart decisions about whether or not to pursue training for this job.


Is This Job Right for You?


If you think that an hourly salary of $46.61 per hour will allow you to lead a good lifestyle, this position is worth considering. Physician assistants are employed in a range of health care settings and examples include local, state and private health clinics and hospitals.


The salary for this position tends to be the same across the board, so lots of good earning opportunities are out there in private health care settings, state health care facilities and local clinics and hospitals. Since Baby Boomers are ageing and require more health care, job prospects for this position should remain good over the long term.


All of the health care positions are very much in demand, including the physician assistant job position. Now, let’s talk about what this type of medical pro does every shift…


Work Duties of Physician Assistants


These health care pros perform a lot of important tasks at work. For example, they review the medical histories of patients and take these medical histories, too! As well, they perform examinations of patients and they also schedule and review tests for patients. Examples of tests which physician assistants may schedule and/or interpret include blood tests and X-rays.


Also, these experts are able to administer treatments, such as putting broken bones into place and giving patients immunizations. A physician’s assistant is able to prescribe medications and also provides patients and community members with important information about health and wellness. There are more duties than we’ve listed here. However, the details that we’ve provided should give you a sense of what this type of medical professional does.


Which Credentials Are Needed?


In the USA, a governing body known as the AAPA oversees certifications for physician assistants. All who are certified must be graduates of programs which are accredited nationally via the governing body. Medical educations are required and a high degree of medical learning is needed. Expect to earn degrees in the health and science field in order to qualify.


Some colleges and universities offer programs for physician assistants. Be sure to visit the official American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) in order to get details about how to become this type of health care practitioner.


This Job Has Real Potential


Now that you know how much this job pays, as well as what work duties are typical and how to get certified, you’ll be one step closer to deciding whether or not this type of job is right for you. It’s good for those who are strong in math and science and have strong work ethics. It’s also good to have a compassionate nature and a real desire to help other people.


Hopefully, our guide has given you the hard facts that you need. The best way to get started with this career is to find a college or university with an AAPA-accredited educational program. You’ll need to spend some years preparing for this job and then you’ll need to pass an exam. However, the time that you take will pay off if you get your credentials, as this job does pay very well and it will also give you the ability to help those who need your medical expertise. This is a challenging and fulfilling job.