The Average Salary Of A PA

According to, who is a credible source in median salary predictions, the average physician assistant yearly salary currently resides at $89,990 per year, with the lowest percentile earning an average of around $75,000 and the highest percentile earning around $110,000 annually. This is very good considering you only need at most a Masters Degree and can do about 80 percent of the duties that a physician does. Now these factors are median projections in the United States, but the PA career itself also comes with other earning opportunities like:

  • Bonuses – Physician assistant bonuses play a big part in boosting the annual salary as it is shown that yearly bonuses for PA’s are in the range of $496.66 to up to $16,312.
  • Profit Sharing – The average physician assistant salary is also increased by profit sharing which earnings have been projected to be in the range of $1,002 to as high as $14,785 each year.
  • Benefits – PA jobs often come with excellent benefits in multiple different categories, some of which can include; health insurance, 401k, vision and dental insurance, retirement bonuses among others.

Factors That Affect The Average Physician Assistant Pay

Now that you know the median physician assistant salary per year, there are a few factors that play a part what you can earn. Some of these factors include:

  • Specialties – There are many different physician assistant specialties, some of which include; dermatology, surgery, oncology, emergency medicine, pediatrics, anesthesia and more, and depending on what area you specialize in, you can negotiate with employers, as well as your salary will be higher being that there is a higher demand for the specialty that you offer. PA specialties have an average salary that can range from 100,000 to up to 200,000 per year. It has also been shown that the highest average physician assistant salaries for specialties are in dermatology and surgery.
  • Where You Live – This also plays a part in the median physician assistant salary, as the cost of living most always affects what one earns. Earnings are bound to be higher in a bigger city compared to a more rural area. For example, the state of Washington has an average PA income of $103,500.
  • Work Environment – The work environment will also factor in to the average physician assistant salary, for example, more stressful specialties are most likely to earn more like a surgical job, compared to a job in pediatrics.
  • Demand – Now the demand for PA’s in general is going to affect what one gets paid as well as provide a very good job outlook. The demand for PA employment is skyrocketting according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which they state that over the years of 2008 to 2018, physician assistant employment is going to increase by 39 percent, which is a higher average than the average of any other profession.  They also state that a physician assistant in a very cost effective hire as they can pretty much take the place of a physician when they are busy. Also, just to give you an overview of the increase in earnings potential, between the years of 2006 and 2008, the annual average physician assistant earnings went from $74,980 to $84,720 which is a 12.5 percent jump in just two years.
  • Work Experience – This one is pretty obvious, but the more experience you gather, both years as well as continuing education, and even partaking in different specialty residencies will no doubt play a big part in increasing the average physician assistant salary.